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The FE/FT program will be especially well suited to the needs of today’s food industry. We recognize that food-processing professionals cannot afford to leave their jobs to earn the advanced degrees that are critical for continued development in the industry, nor can the industry afford to lose mid-career personnel for the length of time necessary to earn advanced degrees.

The FE/FT program will ensure that non-food and food engineers/scientists will have essential food technology/science skills to operate efficiently and effectively. The courses will give students a firm grounding in Unit Operations in Food Processing, Food Rheology, Food Packaging, Food Safety, Engineering Properties of Foods (FE), and Modeling and Design (FE) of a wide range of food processing systems. The degree will be within the Biological & Agricultural Engineering department. Graduates pursuing a MEngr in Food Engineering will receive diplomas in Biological & Agricultural Engineering from TAMU with emphasis in Food Engineering. Those focusing in MS in Food Technology will receive diplomas in Agricultural Systems Management from TAMU with emphasis in Food Technology.

You will earn exactly the same degree you would earn if you studied on our campus in College Station, Texas. The standards for admission, course work, and graduation are the same, and your diploma will be the same as those for students who come to campus to study. You are welcome to come to campus to walk through the graduation line with your classmates, too.

Distance Learning Advanced Degree in Food Engineering/Food Technology

WELCOME to the Distance Learning Program of the Biological & Agricultural Engineering  Department. In our program, you can earn advanced degrees, certificates, or professional education units (CEU) in biological & agricultural engineering, emphasis in Food Engineering, online, anywhere in the world.

We are now offering a Master of Science degree (no-thesis Option) in Agricultural Systems Management with emphasis in Food Processing Technology for those students who do not have a bachelor degree in engineering. Food science or related degrees are suitable to obtain an advance degree in AGSM.